Horse tables and horse shelters actually come in several sizes and shapes. For this article we shall look at creating basic shelters that are cost-effective and functional.


Firstly, you have to know how horses use shelters. Do you know that horses do not use shelters for rain? They actually use their horse shelters mostly in the summer months. Believe or not, horses do not mind if how hard the weather is - they do not mind hos the wind is howling, how the thunder and lightning are striking and how the rain is pouring. They are actually more affected by the summer heat. With that, we come now with the cheapest horse stables which is the windbreak. There are actually a lot of ways and means to provide a windbreak.


You can actually use Watling or the natural shelter of trees in making the windbreak as the field shelter of the horse - you can make it by weaving branches of the said trees and making into a solid barrier. If you cannot afford buying field shelter for sale, you can just make it by yourself - it is just simple and easy to make.


Next is the Tin Shelters. This kind of field shelter is made with tin sheets. Tin sheets are actually far cheaper than bricks or timber. In making for Tin Shelters, the first thing you need to consider is the size you want your horse shelter would be. In considering this, you need to put your attention into the size of your horse - get its size from the ground to his poll and make an extra foot as an allowance in your construction. In making your horse shelter, you have to remember that the front part should always be higher than the back part. In this way, the field shelter would have a slope that will keep rain water away from the horse. Also, the timber that supports the roof should be secure enough to take the weight of snow.


In making horse stables and horse shelters, make sure that you have the best and quality materials and that, they are affordable. This is in order for you to save money.



Thus, horses should be treated as our family members. We need to take care of them and give them the kind of shelter they deserve. With this, making their shelter by you would be really a thoughtful thing to do. This would save you money and would let them feel your love for them.